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Aloha Tutoring Service: Testimonials

"A few years ago, I was looking for a tutoring service for my son and googled tutoring services on the internet. Aloha Tutoring was listed and I spoke with tutor Roberta. After our first session, I was pleased with how well she worked with my son and how affordable her services were. My son is comfortable and enjoys his tutoring sessions with her. She's patient and enjoys working with children and I recommend her." Sincerely, Hauoli Hoopii

"My son worked with Roberta Goodman 1x/week for more than a year, while he was in elementary school. She was consistently patient and very encouraging. Over time his study habits, self confidence and personal discipline improved. He continued to be a well organized, self motivated student in high school. He is currently a sophomore in college, and is continuing to do very well, Ms. Goodman's enthusiasm, positive personality, and skills in working with children is excellent. I sincerely recommend Aloha Tutoring Service." Sincerely, Daralyn Lee

"When our 5 year old daughter Haley was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I wondered how we would get through what lay ahead. Our school recommended in Home Hospital Care for Haley, and found Roberta Goodman to tutor Haley, one to one in our home for 6 hrs. per week. This has been a wonderful relationship. Roberta has been a fantastic tutor, who has nurtured Haley through a very hard time. She has provided quality education in an extremely difficult and challenging setting. She has been sensitive to my daughter's needs and flexible in her teaching approach. She has brought joy and excitement into Haley's schooling, including the arts. Developing her creative side and allowing her to be the best she can be in activities appropriate to her needs. What has been amazing about Roberta is that although Haley has missed a year of school, after testing she has been placed back with her same aged peers. Thanks to Roberta, she has bene able to catch up to her peers. Thanks to Roberta she has been able to catch up to the class and return to school with her friends. This is a great victory for Haley, and we will always be thankful to Roberta for helping us to this day." Sincerely, Wendy, Pat, Haley, and Zachary


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